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NEUTROGENA® is a cosmetics company Johnson & Johnson. She has developed a unique range of skin care and hair, it distributes in over 70 countries. The quality and the softness of its products, developed in partnership with dermatologists, make NEUTROGENA® a trusted brand popular with consumers

Since the 60's, NEUTROGENA® has a strong relationship with the medical sphere, and dermatologists in particular. In 1966, Lloyd Cotsen, the then director of the company, which has the idea of introducing its products to health professionals. It quickly puts in place key partnerships, based on trust and the exchange of expertise.

It is thus that, over the years, NEUTROGENA® has invested in extensive research and development programs, which will enable him to design and refine product ranges and always more gentle, moisturizing, hypoallergenic, appropriate to the sensitivity of the skin.

Today, the brand philosophy remains unchanged : to develop quality products, in collaboration with dermatologists

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Neutrogena Naturals Face & Body Bar NEUTROGENA -  3.594

Neutrogena Naturals Face &...